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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  April 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! >> it is the top of the hour on the morning before baseball is welcomed back to camden yards. at this moment, the lights and tarp are on at camden yards and
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you may encounter puddles on your way to work, christy will have that after the weather. >> we want to look at the first warning doppler weather radar. we're noticing, there's not a whole lot more moisture pressing into the area. i want to shift this down a little to the south and east and i want to shift the scan and we'll see what may be further. there's not a lot out there. if you're seeing showers in the neighborhoods now, it will be pressing to the east and out of the atlantic. i think it's going to be cloudy for a good portion of the rush. by midday, partly sunny and throughout the afternoon, partly sunny and breezy at times and the mid-50s, going for a high of 60 and 3:05, first pitch temperature, we'll be in the upper 50s and continued clearing this evening.
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count on road spray this morning also. >> there's puddles out there and it isn't affecting traffic for the time being. as far as 95 goes, there the disabled tractor trailer is cleared and now, there's another vehicle blocking the right lane and we're expecting delays later for the police funeral procession and that's from 12:00 to 2 and right now, an easy drive in both directions. as you can see, the traffic is getting heavy there and the beltway at delainny road. for more information, go to back to you. thank you and here's one of the things people will be talking about. this is trouble for a local man. he videotaped a stop and posted it on youtube.
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here's kelly mcpherson to explain why he's facing criminal charges. >> get off of the motorcycle. get off of the motorcycle, state police. >> reporter: this is causing a stir online with the state police and now, the harford county state's attorney. fitted with a helmet camera, he was recording his ride and he was pulled over for speeding. i was afraid, i didn't know, i was afraid he would shoot me. >> reporter: he could go to prison for recording the audio. >> i posted it on youtube, my mom was worried about the legality of it and she was upset he pulled a firearm on me. when he got out of the car, he held it at his side and when he saw that the situation was
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under control, he put it away. >> reporter: the police reopened the investigation and turned his traffic ticket into negligent charges. >> anyone driving on one wheel on i-95 ought to be pulled over. >> reporter: you cannot record someone without telling them in maryland and it's a felony to break the law. that's what the police told the motorcyclist a month after wards. i don't want to go to jail, i didn't do anything wrong, no one was injured or hurt. >> reporter: if he hadn't posted the audio, there's a chance that none of this would have come up. reporting from north baltimore, wjz-13 eyewitness news. and the state's attorney's office is handling the case and the police are trying to identify one of the people killed in yesterday's crash in
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severn. we brought you the case yesterday morning. a pickup truck crossed this line and slammed into an suv and two were inside the suv. this man was a vietnam veteran and -- well, of course -- he was, sorry, this morning, he's dead, he was gunned down on his way to work and andrea fujii has more. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: it appears he was killed in a robbery attempt and this is not the first time someone was murdered in this restaurant. >> reporter: this 72-year-old was a vietnam veteran and a security guard. his family says that nearly every night, he stopped here
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getting dinner on his way to work. he was here thursday morning and two people came in. >> two unknown blackmails came into the story and shot and killed mr. bowman. he was purchasing food. >> reporter: the family says there was a scuffle and he was shot once in the chest energy we spoke with three of his children and they're out raged. i could only move on by the beginning and what they got to look forward to is deeper than anything i could imagine. >> reporter: the police are passing out flyers hoping that someone knows something. >> man, i saw this guy. >> reporter: he had been battling diabetes and he thrived. he loves to garden and plant trees. if god didn't let diabetes take him down, he had no rights. >> reporter: in a year, there
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have been three shootings in this restaurant claiming two other lives and still, to this family, it's hitting them hard. as a man who lived through so much is suddenly gone. >> a 72-year-old man, you snuffed him out. you have more to answer to than anyone on this earth. >> reporter: his family tells us he had his back towards the gunman when they robbed the woman behind them and he turned around and there was a struggle and he was shot. thank you, andrea, the robber got away with $13. and a crucial witness is a no show in court. he's the man accused of shooting a teen in south baltimore and his girlfriend was supposed to testify. she didn't show up and another testified that said she was
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sure about him. and now, rescue crews are back in the tunnel hoping to find the four miners trapped by the explosion. they pumped in nitrogen to pump out the bad gases. they hope that the miners made it to a rescue chamber. they could still be there alive. 25 others were killed. and the orioles get a boost. the birds took on the rays in tampa. the last of the three game opening stint. the birds and the rays made it again and this time,the o's edge out the ray's to get the first win. and by all means, don't forget, today's opening day. at 2:00, we have the special coverage kicking off and stick
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around,w and masn will bring you the opening day game. and all right, well, man oh man oh man. well, it's -- it's an interesting day for me. >> okay. >> i mean, to be honest, look at the first warning doppler. we have the sky's clearing, eventually, we have the rain moving out of the area. i think it's going to be a slow clear out. we'll look at the day part. by midday, we'll see the sun. if we see the sun before the day's high of 60, we'll be at 62. we'll say around 60 to 62 degrees and 56 at lunch and 58 this evening. the temperatures going back to normal. you get back into the low 60s and it kind of takes a bit of a mental toll.
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we're in the single digit days of april. here's why it's interesting for me. >> one of the proudest. i had to write a resume now, i would put down actually a member of the roar from 34. section 34. i was one of the routeties. >> the old memorial stadium. >> and it still, let me bring the ronster in now. there's something on opening day that stirs it in. we went to 45, 50 ballgames a year. i'm going to bring a memory back in about a minute. >> are you. >> yeah. at some point today, i'm going to raise one to wild bill. 34 got together and had a memorial service for wild bill
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hurricaneag -- hagee. he was behind closed doors and they had 34 stories from the perspective of the dug out. he told us, from the dugout, you could never see bill because of the light behind 34 and what you would see was the large figure in silhouette doing the oriole's cheer. any way, we decided, we'll stay together and get together on bill's birthday and have a christmas party. today, i'm rising one in the memory of bill and continuing friendships and then, i thought, we need to do a section 34 cheer and that would offend too many people, but i'm saying, the fire is still there. you see the field and the orange and it's still there! >> hey, i want to tell you something, a good friend of
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ours from philadelphia sent me something on youtube. it's an 8 minute package on wild bill. it's done for evening magazine. >> oh, yeah. and my friend sitting in that, marty, you're part of the story. go to youtube and check it out. it's awesome. >> let's spring it into the break. >> there's something about an opening day that kicks something in my brain. >> welk we'll wrack memories up in a few seconds. >> of course, they start playing the yankees in boston, i'll get kicked in the rear. >> we're live and gates open in less than six hours. we all remember wild bill and the roar from 34. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now, it's at 53 degrees and
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a few mornings ago, it was at 73-degrees. we'll not see a big dip in the temperatures long term below normal. we've trapped the cold air north of the area. this day, 60 degrees and the high clouds and break for sun and breezy and windy as the o's play and 39 and mainly windy and clear. tomorrow, 64 and mostly high and 70 on monday. we'll keep it at above normal and tuesday and wednesday back into the low to mid-60s. >> and here's kristy breslin with wage traffic control. and we're doing good out there, we had two earlier disabled weekends. they've been cleared and everything's moving along fine. as far as the harrisburg expressway, no accidents in either direction. as of now, no significant delays to report and in
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baltimore city, we have traffic lights on flash and that's east lombard. and here's a live look at delainny valley road. that's 95 north of the beltway and we're starting to pick up. this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls. to get the facts and the information, go to let's go right to the ronster at oriole park and camden yards. >> reporter: hey, the 19th season at oriole park and camden yards. the bird is here. how are you doing. the gating opening in less than six hours. the birds and the blue jays coming up and the birds are back in more ways than one. ♪ >> reporter: the birds are back.
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black and orange flamingos are flying off of the shelves. we celebrate the ravens and now the orioles. >> where are they going? in the front yard. >> reporter: it's a change of season object out back and marty and tim say hello orange. >> well, the purple and black are changing it for orange now in the gardens and it's good. >> reporter: they're putting the finishing touches on in camden yards and the youngest fans can't wait. there >> he's 2 and the older boy is 5 and they love coming to the game and it's a great place for families and we're happy to have the opportunity to come down. >> reporter: here, it's time for a winning season. >> they're asking for oriole
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clothes and we sell, the score board is popular also. >> reporter: and even bubba's got his o's on. >> it's time for baltimore to get behind them truthfully and support them. that's what we're trying to do. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: opening day is sold autoand the orioles are getting ready for the 19th season. >> i want to see them going all the way, world series. >> all right, we're back live here at camden yards and bird is ready to rock 'n' roll. 48,000, going to pack the stadium this afternoon. monica, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the upgrades to the seats here.
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s >> there are a few changes here. >> also, gates open today at noon. >> come and watch the batting practice and live music, it will be a great spear fear. -- atmosphere. pregame ceremony, at 2:30 and we have brooks kicking it off. the 40th anniversary of the great world series win over the cincinnati reds. they're going to throw out the first ball. could it be any better and don and marty, we're ready to rock 'n' roll. >> jamming. opening day, 2010. back to you on tv hill. >> well done. i have to show you something.
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nick from lands down, on one leg, he has the oriole and one leg, the ravens. that's a great looking piece of art. yeah, it is. >> and you know what, the only logically correct bird was neat, it was a rad thing to do and the more i think about it, it's friendlier. y every time i see it in my mind, i see it with eddie murry underneath it. >> and that's nice, too. >> well, that's good. if let's move along. >> and the coverage starts at 2:00 and followed by the game at 3:00. that's on wjz-13, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a rescue mission in the middle of the night and the story's coming up. a 72-year-old man is shot and killed as he's buying dinner. and i'm kristy breslin. the volume's building on the beltway and we'll tell you how it will affect your drive. >> and mark viviano and the
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bulldog will be on coffee with. mark viviano said, last week, this is a baseball team and they'll be measured by its win. in its own mind for the first time in years. mark viviano, it's show time, brother. opening day and oriole park. take it away will have nor >> you got that, marty. the team comes home and they got their first win last night and we'll look at the highlights from that and talk about this team when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baltimore will welcome baseball back to camden yards. you may encounter puddles on the way to work. it's kristy breslin in for
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sharon shawn-- sharon gibala. >> what i'm noticing is, the skys are really starting to clear here a bit. the clouds are breaking up and if they do, earlier than expected, we could be into the 62-degree range. and we'll look at the day part. by lunch, we're talking about 56 and on the way to 60 and earlier sun means 62 and 59 degrees could be the temperature and breezy conditions. for the first pitch at 3:05 as the orioles take on the blue jays. sunny throughout the next five days. how about the road to work. here's kristy breslin. >> we're not doing too bad out there. we're starting to see volume southbound as you make your way towards the swan road. 95 southbound, a couple of brake light and it shouldn't hold you up too long.
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moving over to the beltway system, northdown slowdown on harford road and traffic lights on flash, that's east lombard, keep your eye on that and here's beltway 41 and 95, north of the beltway on the south west side, this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls. to get the facts and the information, go to >> right now, rescuers are back in the tunnel where four coalminers are trapped. >> reporter: rescue teams are back inside the upper big branch mines heading for the safe rooms. >> the rescue teams have taken four breathing apparatuses with them in case -- well, in the
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best scenario, we could find four survivers. >> reporter: to insure that the air is safe, nitrogen is pumped into the ground. and the teams are removing the bodies of the confirmed dead. >> the families are relieved knowing that the process is starting the end. >> reporter: the explosive levels of gas thursdays caused the rescue teams to turn around. we committed the families we wanted to get into the chambers within 96 hours.. >> reporter: some of the family members haven't left the room since monday afternoon. i don't know the guys underneath there, i showed up here to support the family members, the rescuers and
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everyone else. >> reporter: two minors were hurt in the blast and one is in icu and one was released from the hospital. in whitesville, west virginia. and the owner of the mine is paying for the funerals. we're learning about a scare for the governor and others. at least 50 lawmakers and the house speaker were gathered at a bar welcoming freshman representatives and the building caught fire and everyone was forced outside. the anne arundel firefighters reported there are no injuries. >> it's a simple ritual for a 72-year-old man, picking up chinese carry out on his way to his job and on his way to his order, a robber killed him. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone.
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it was something that he did every day, get food here before going to work police say during a robbery, someone shot him and his family wants to know why. this 72-year-old was a vietnam veteran and an overnight security guard. and his family says that nearly every night at midnight, he stopped here getting dinner on his way to work. he was here thursday morning when the police say that two people came in. >> two unknown black males came into the store and shot and killed mr. bowman. he was 72 years of age and purchasing food. >> reporter: there was a scuffle inside before he was shot once in the chest. we spoke with three of his children who are out raged. >> i can only move on by the
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beginning and what they have -- >> the police are passing out pliers. > >> reporter: he was battling diabetes and he loved to garden. >> god didn't let diabetes take him down, he had no right. >> reporter: in a year, there have been three shootings in the restaurant. and still, to his family, the pain of this shooting is hitting them hard, as a man who lived through so much is gone. >> a 72-year-old man. you snuffed him out. you have more to answer to than anyone else. >> reporter: the gunman got away with $13.
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a big vote in annapolis that could ban you from using a hand held cell phone while driving. the senate passed the measure. if you're caught driving and holding a cell phone, you could be charged $40. it took the world's number one golfer one swing to show the world he's back. he had the best start of any masters he's played in. he's two shots off of fred couples. >> you can see the final rounds beginning tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 and sunday here. and it's the day that the baseball fans look forward to all year. it's opening day at oriole park. in a few hours, the fans will
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be backing in the seats and it's sure to be a fun filled day. and don't forget about the food as well. local favorites will be on hand including drinks from the green turtle and those are outside and then inside, nearly 10,000 hotdogs will be in buns by the end of the day. the first win has already been satisfied. they won last night. and again, the special opening day coverage starts at 2:00 and we'll bring you the game with wjz and masn. >> we'll show you the game time forecast. the oriel where is versus -- the orioles versus the blue jays. the coverage starts at 2:00 and pregame ceremony. and that's at 2:30.
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>> you look like you're a bit chilly, what's going on. >> well, it's like a raven's game you, know what that's like. there's no place to hide, it's windy, we have baseball, we'll look at the highlights from the oriole's win last night and looking ahead in the 2010 season when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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temperature's 20 degrees chillier than any other morning this week and these overnight lows are still above normal. 52 downtown and hay elk -- and 54 elkton and easton and 45 cumberland and the low to mid- 30s in oakland and 48 degrees in westminster and 55 in bel air and 54 on annapolis and kent island. 20-degree difference between the east and westside of the front. we're still showing chilly air over the great lakes and you could use the word mild and we won't see the hot conditions like we've had and we'll see really, the jet streams staying. it's retreated north and it's going to stay there.
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and sunshine beginning and we'll again today breezy and windy. and 39 and clear and tomorrow, sunny skies in the area and 73 degrees on sunday and 70 monday and we'll keep it slightly above normal this week. what awaits you on the way to work and school, here's christy. >> well, we've been lucky, it's not been a bad rush hour. if you're on the beltway system, you'll see a small delay on harford road and southbound, 95, that's the normal congestion on the north east side and as for the harrisburg express way, no complaints to talk of and in baltimore city, we have traffic lights. here's a look at the overall travel times. 32 to the beltway and 57 miles per hour and 11 minutes to get
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through. here's a live look at the beltway and an important message for toyota owners. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls. to get the latest, go to well, mark viviano is joining us. you said something last week that really got my attention. that, internally now, the orioles are judging themselves by winds and they're trying to build a team. >> well, andy said it last year, he said, we'll go by a traditional measure of success and that's wince and losses. not just getting guys into the
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big leagues, but establishing a major league team. you'll be judged by how well you do and they'll measure this and they have a win last night. let's look at the highlights as they beat the rays in tampa bay and brian gets his first start. he had five walks an seven strike outs and avoided the damage. to give up the two runs in the five innings. that's the new first baseman and brings in luke scott and wieters. now, the o's had a lead into the 9th and the new closer, gonzales blew the chance toen win it in the opener and he gets the final out on a fly ball to right field last night. there were tense moments, but they secured the first win of the year taking one of three games each decided by a run.
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they come home and opening day is about sunshine and smelling the grass. they just played indoors with fake grass. and you know what, mark? we always talk about the yanks and boston, but the fact of the matter is, they played a team that could win, the rays. and we took them to the 9th inning. >> you're dead on that, marty. >> they're considered maybe the most talented team in baseball. that's right, they'll have to play those guys 18 times and you'll see plenty of the teams early on in the season and the schedule has waited for them. and we'll talk about seeing brian in action there and a little bit more for brian. if you listened to the experts,
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he's the guy who's considered by many a leading candidate to be the rookie of the year. he's the guy with great maturity for his youth, strong left hander and has a variety of pitches and great confidence. he's the guy you'll hear doing interviews and he is a symbol of what they're talking about in terms of not just rebuilding, but guys to bring in talent. >> well, you know what, it's a very good thing. and baseball is a good thing. and i once heard, mark. and i was talking to someone about the british monarchy. they said our monarch is your baseball. it's how we look at the past and measure the future. if you think about it. that's what -- i mean, we enjoy the rough and tumble world of
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football, it is what it is, but there's something about an opening day in a city. it's a civic event. >> and it makes you wonder if the generations are as fervent about it as us older guys. you're right, the football surpassed it. i'm a, well, i'm a throw back, i love baseball, marty and i look forward to opening day. >> i love seeing the expressions on the little boys and little girl's faces and it's born new in every generation. how many minute left? / >> one minute. what turned a generation off was the off field labor issues. business can get in the way of
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pleasure in any industry and to be honest, football may be facing that. >> and so, well, maybe it could be a chance for baseball, should it happen to football, maybe baseball can reclaim some of the liveliness. >> and you're right about the strike of 94 that destroyed the world series that never happened and football's facing that. it's a scary thought. you want there to be baseball and it gets us away from our daily lives. it's a economic reality and the nfl is like businesses and families, suffering economically and let's hope they can avoid that. baseball's done well since its last strike and you know, we won't think about it today. no, but i'm saying, my point is, baseball, well, baseball ended up walking around for a few years and now, it's walking on a firm path and you know,
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may be taking the forefront here. it's the good thing to have the team back in town. thank you for being here. which beatle did you steel the jacket from. >> which one? well, do you like that? governor -- george harrison. you're on the air at 9:00. >> you got it, guys. we'll see you later, bye bye. >> we asked for your favorite oriole members and you hit a couple of home runs. and we'll take a look at some at that's what i'm talking about. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, you folks on the eastern shore, your rain will be out of here, you'll see the clearing skies and 60 degrees for the high and later into the day, the sunnier it will be. now, over to kristy breslin. hi, good morning, we're still picking up volume and as for the beltway system, the delay has extended.
6:55 am
harbor tunnel freeway, southbound, we have a crash at the lombard street off ramp, that's going to slow you down and the delay stretched for southbound 95 and now, stop and go from white marsh up to the beltway on the north eastside and traffic lights on trash and that's east lombard and here's the overall travel types from 95 to 83, 46 miles per hour and 13 minutes to get through. here's 83 north of 24. this is brought to you by harrison hotel group. think about your ocean city vacation. go and book your summer vacation today. >> thank you, and in the head lines, a 72-year-old local man is shot and killed in a carry out. he liked to stop for the food on his way to his job.
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also a fire broke out where the governor was last night, there are no injuries reported. and a big vote in annapolis that could ban you from using a hand held phone while driving. if you're caught, you could be fined $40. and fearing up for the home opener, the orioles get the first win of the season. they took on the rays and tampa bay last night don't for get, the special opening day coverage starts at 2:00 and we're carrying the game at 3:05. now, stay with wjz-13, complete news, weather and traffic ahead for you this morning and breaking news in west virginia breaking news in west virginia where the search ♪ [ female announcer ] discover black silk from folgers...
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♪ with bold rich flavor that's exceptionally smooth. wake up to black silk.
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